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Holistic Kinesiology

90 Minutes
$ 145

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How do I get the most out of my treatment?

  • Allow yourself the time and space necessary for healing
  • Be willing to embrace difficult emotions
  • Allow me to support you in making the necessary changes to your diet, habits, or mindset
  • Be open to a new perspective.

What To Expect From Your Kinesiology Session

    • Kinesiology aims to find the core issues behind symptoms that will not go away on their own
    • Each session looks at the whole person not just isolated symptoms and takes into consideration physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues that cause imbalance
    • I use gentle muscle monitoring to find stress and draw upon many different modalities to bring the body back to balance
    • During the process we uncover self-limiting beliefs, release past traumas, resolve unprocessed emotions or deep-seated childhood patterns
    • I examine diet and lifestyle factors and make suggestions to enhance overall wellbeing.
    • With each session you get to know yourself better.
    • You will find space to nurture and care for yourself. You will feel more energized to be the best version of yourself
    • The treatment will result in deep relaxation and stress relief and will assist the body to heal itself.

                  Holistic Healing

                  Whole Body Relaxation Massage

                  60 Minutes
                  $ 75

                  Aromatherapy Massage

                  75 Minutes
                  $ 90

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                  Aromatherapy massage utilises techniques including Swedish massage, neuromuscular massage, shiatsu, lymphatic massage, acupressure, polarity therapy and reflexology. It is undoubtedly the most effective way of deriving maximum benefit from essential oils. During the treatment, the healing energy of the hands and the oils join forces.

                  The main aims of an aromatherapy massage treatment are:

                  • Facilitates the absorption of the essential oil blend
                  • Helps to relieve muscular tension and fatigue
                  • Improves blood circulation and the flow of Qi
                  • Helps to reduce stress and tension (both physical and emotional)
                  • Assists in releasing energy blocks by stimulating the nervous system.

                  Total Harmony

                  Package Deal*

                  1x Kinesiology Session + 1x Aromatherapy Massage
                  $ 215

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