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Curing Anxiety with Kinesiology

We experience pressure every day. Through our work life, challenges at home and keeping on top of an endless list of things to do. On top of that, we now have the added challenges of COVID-19, adding financial pressure and digging up feelings of fear. Lets stop it there, I'm sure you don't want to dredge up these feelings of anxiety, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Many of us have had a variety of results from different counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists which can be expensive and can easily form dependencies (e.g. we find great results but struggle when we are on our own). In most cases kinesiology does not sit as a replacement but rather a means to soften your life stresses and anxiety and form a therapeutic cushion between the more conventional styles of managing anxiety. 

Free your mind and introduce positive energy with Kinesiology. 

Can Kinesiology Help With Anxiety?

Finding the balance between different anxiety cures

Combating anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue - kinesiology uses a combination of different healing techniques such as; muscle monitoring and energy healing to rebalance your emotional state and achieve a overall calmer state of mind. 

Using a host of different kinesiology methods that we have pioneered through years of practice, you will slowly start to regain control of your body and mind - a symbiotic relationship that is damaged in even the most resilient people in society. 

Our expert kinesiology practitioner will work closely with you to identify the root cause of the difficulties in your body and mind, then tailor her approach to suit your situation. Many kinesiology patients have difficulties with; situations in their lives, memories/PTSD, dietary problems, difficulty with activity, movement & exercise, chronic fatigue syndrome and in most cases, a combination of these. Each will require a unique approach and there is no one size fits all approach to this incredible ancient practice.  

This incredible article looks at the relationship between kinesiology, stress, anxiety and depression - a must read! 

Reducing Stress with Kinesiology Study
Can Kinesiology Help With Anxiety

Quick Stats

Statistics prove that kinesiology reduces anxiety, stress and depression

Undeniable facts from the research paper above show these statistics backing up the use of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) as a way to reduce stress, anxiety and depressions.


The results of this study clearly illustrate that the level of stress, anxiety and depression before 3 PKP Kinesiology sessions are significantly higher (as shown by the mean and the P values less than 0.05) than the level of stress, anxiety and depression after 3 PKP Kinesiology sessions.

For this study population, after receiving 3 PKP Kinesiology sessions, the average improvement in the stress level was 56.87%, in the anxiety level was 53.83% and the depression level was 71.59%.

The study demonstrates that PKP Kinesiology is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and/or depression.

Anxiety, Depression and Stress statistics
Kinesiology for Depression

Kinesiology for Depression

Using kinesiology to help with chronic depression

Men, women, geriatrics and children can be sufferers of depression. Some can suffer debilitation depression causing them to lose work, struggle with their self image, lose confidence and an endless list of direct side effects. However for those of us who struggle with the daily grind of modern life, there is some good news! As a nation we are becoming more aware of the challenges depression can bring and finding new techniques to combat it. 

1 in 7 Australians will experience depression within their lifetime and studies show that it the 3rd highest burden of disease (burden of disease refers to the total impact the disease has on our finances, morbidity, mortality and other indicators).  In all cases acting sooner rather than later is key to managing the condition.

Some of the ways movement and kinesiology can help with depression are:

> Getting you moving. In almost all cases, depression has been linked to a physical injury in the body. This can cause further injuries, a degrading state of mind and then a continuous loop of negative energy in the mind.
> Nutrition deficiencies and finding a diet to support your energy and movement.
> Acupressure designed to release tension and pain in the body.
> Systematic kinesiology: looking at the whole person and not just focusing on an emotion or injury. This technique looks at 4 levels combining emotional, chemical, electrical and energy flow. 

Depression, Anxiety and Support

Finding the balance between difference anxiety cures

With a combination of a variety of kinesiology techniques, ongoing health, movement and support, we have helped countless individuals get through their anxiety and depression. 

Kinesiology uses techniques to transform negative energy and empower us to overcome our own struggles. With this in mind, our kinesiologist practitioner does not leave you feeling dependent but strengthened to overcome the challenges of life with another pillar in your support network.

Using kinesiology practices we have proven results; reducing pain in the body, encouraging life goals, increase energy, reduce physical anxiety, improve concentration, improve REM sleep patterns, dietary results, assistance with chronic illnesses like CFS and Fibromyalgia, reduce negative thought patterns and increase stress management.  

Most importantly, we focus on empowerment and reducing the common condition known as "fear of success" where our patients are internally fearful of succeeding and therefore prone to self sabotage. 

Get yourself prepared for the next chapter in your life and use kinesiology to eliminate your anxiety and depression once and for all!

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